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Top Common Hacking Techniques 17 - 2018

Top Common Hacking Techniques 2018 1. Bait and switch Using bait and switch hacking technique, the hacker runs a malicious program which the user believes to be authentic. This way, after installing the malicious program on your computer, the hacker gets unprivileged access to your computer.

2. Cookie theft The cookies of a browser keep our personal data such as browsing history, username, and passwords for different sites that we access. Once the hacker gets the access to your cookie, he can even authenticate himself as you on a browser.

3. ClickJacking Attacks ClickJacking is also known by a different name, UI Redress. In this attack, the hacker hides the actual UI where the victim is supposed to click.
In another word, the attacker hijacks the clicks of the victim that aren’t meant for the exact page, but for a page where the hacker wants you to be.

4. Virus, Trojan etc. Virus or trojans are malicious software programs which get installed into the victim’s system an…

Top 20 Popular Wireless Hacking Tools 2018

Top 20 Popular Wireless Hacking Tools 2017
These are the popular tools used for wireless password cracking and network troubleshooting. Aircrack. Aircrack is one of the most popular wireless passwords cracking tools which you can use for 802.11a/b/g WEP and WPA cracking. AirSnort. Cain & Able. Kismet. NetStumbler. inSSIDer. WireShark. CoWPAtty.

1. Aircrack Aircrack is the most popular and widely-known wireless password cracking tool. It is used as 802.11 WEP and WPA-PSK keys cracking tool around the globe. It first captures packets of the network and then try to recover password of the network by analyzing packets. It also implements standard FMS attacks with some optimizations to recover or crack password of the network. optimizations include KoreK attacks and PTW attack to make the attack much faster than other WEP password cracking tools. This tool is powerful and used most widely across the world. This is the reason I am adding it at the top of the list.
It offers…

Facebook Social Toolkit – Premium Version FREE Chrome Extension 2017

Facebook Social Toolkit – Premium Version FREE Chrome Extension 2017 All of us use facebook for at least 5 hours a day and may perform various tasks such as liking pictures, sharing and posting on the page(If you have any). So, today I’m going to introduce you to a tool, with which you can perform the bulk of tasks. FACEBOOK SOCIAL TOOLKIT for chrome. This is must have extension If you are a regular Facebook user.

Facebook Social toolkit is a chrome extension that lets you perform various tasks with a single click. In simple words, it was created to save our time. The bulk of features makes it a ”MUST HAVE” extension.

Features of Facebook Social Toolkit  

Facebook toolkit lets you perform following tasks:
Unfriend all friends from the Facebook list in just single click.Become admin of groups(which don’t have any admin) Moreover You can post in all groups at once.Post on all pages, you manage.Prank your friend with love calculator.Delete all the comments, that were posted by your…

Trace Mobile Phone in just 8 Minutes

Trace Mobile Phone in just 8 Minutes  Trace a Mobile Phone in just 8minutes. Im Using KaliLinux 2017, You can Use Any Distros of GNU/Linux.

Link for the IP-Locator File:

Retrieve informations about an ip adress or a hostname.
This tool is scripted in perl as you can tell -_-

Before opening the tool use this command
chmod +x
then use ./ to run.
If you have any problem with this tool, open terminal and
install the below librarys
sudo apt-get install liblocal-lib-perl
sudo apt-get install libjson-perl

Inforfinder Information Gathering Tool

Inforfinder Information Gathering Tool
Inforfinder is a tool to collect information of any domains pointing at some server (ip, domain, range, file). Is able to detect all domains pointing to an IP address and detect CMS version installed in a web (Wordpress, Joomla, prestashop, etc), also is able to detect PHP version, Web Server version, Plesk version.

Requires python libs: pyRequests and pyDNS

-First, you need to install complementary libraries:

user@machine$ sudo apt-get install python-dns python-dnspython python-requests python-lxml python OR pip install pydns pip install requests --upgrade pip install lxml -Then Download "inforfinder"

-The next step is to run "": python --help
Find more information on how to use this app:
InforFinder v1.0.9 Powered By GGUsoft 2017 Powered By GGUsoft 2017 Commands: -d <dominio> Gets a domain for apply any optional commands -dD <dominio> Gets a domain l…

Check Valid Login Credentials for Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Instagram using Credmap

Check Valid Login Credentials for Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Instagram using Credmap
Credmap: The Credential Mapper

Credmap is an open source tool that was created to bring awareness to the dangers of credential reuse. It is capable of testing supplied user credentials on several known websites to test if the password has been reused on any of these.